Destroy your stumps - PATENTED EQUIPMENT

  • Rhino croq en train d'arracher une souche
  • Gros plan sur le Rhino Croq
  • Fin de l'arrachage de la souche
  • Rhino Croq avec la pelle
  • Rhino croq en gros plan
  • Rhino croq monté sur la pelle

Forestry development with excavators from 20 to 30 T.

Versatile : a single tool to cut the lateral roots, to pull up, chop and handle the stumps. 
Increase productivity : Chopping of two stump sections at the same time. 
Excellent working performance: 45 stumps per hour depending on tree type and ground conditions. 
Easy to adapt : suitable for all excavators from 20 to 30 T. Installation directly onto the original brackets of the machine. 

Patented equipment : extensively tested and proven in the market since 2007


Video of Rhino Croq 


2 blade cylinders
1 Foot
1 Frame
Mobile jaw
2 Teeth
2 independant blades cylinder chop the stumps. 
2 double acting auxiliary lines required to operate the blade cylinders. 
Working pressure : 300 barres
Weight : 2800 kg
Flow : 200l/min
Max. Stump diameter : 600 mm.

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