Stump Crusher X-TEHO


Stump crusher X-TEHO is designed for efficient splitting, lifting, cleaning and piling up tree stumps. 

Applications : Forestry, green area and stump removal. 

Takes out and cut the stumps in few seconds.

easy cleaning

pitching of the arrow is minimized.

The hole stump's is released. 

NEW Stump crusher ! Designed by KARELIATECH
- Highest efficiency
- Proven reliability
- Energy recovering

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Vidéo of Stump Crusher XTEHO

Interview of Michel Mocquet in charge of ASE company

"ASE is the exclusive France dealer of stump crusher X-TEHO. This tool fullfill the requirements of forest biomass energy recovery. Your stump is split free without sand thanks to a new vibration system.
Forestry equipment represent 80% of ASE's turnover. 
X-TEHO is mounted onto 21 Tons excavator's arm. It can works with stumps up to 600 mm diameter. 
This patented design tool can cut, grab, pull and windrow stumps in order to ease handling and transport.
Michel MOCQUET explains : " The X-TEHO is able to extract 40 stumps per hour after the first tests."

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