Specific products realized by ASE

ASE specialist of your tools and forestry equipment

Savoir-faire ASE

With ASE, realize all yours equipments :
- Forestry : self-operated stump crusher, root rake forestry, stump lifting tooth, log grapple, sugar cane grapple...
- For construction applications : All type of buckets, GHD, QuickHitch couplers SOERMA TP and verachtert, Hydraulics couplers, ripper tooth...
- Careers : custom made parts

Self-contained woodprocessor CFM400/550

La chargeuse en train de fendre une buche de bois

Discover two models of self-contained woodprocessor with the woodprocessor CFM, make it easy to process firewood.

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Stump crusher Rhino-Seka

Rhino-Seka ASE
Stump crushing attachment for log splitting to remove and destroy stumps.

Self-operated Stump crusher 

Break souche autonome rotatif

Make it easy and profitable to destroy and manipulate your stumps. The profitability of this stump crusher has been illustrated many times over.
Armed with rotator system, it's easy to make few operations.

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Log grapples

Pinces à grumes ASE

Find here, our range of log grapples. We export this range all around the world. The high quality of our products is the ASE's strenght. 

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Root Rake forestry 

Gamme de flécos forestiers

Specialize in creation and manufacture of root rakes, ASE is on 
your service for all specific request. 

Hydraulic couplers

Attache rapide Verachtert

ASE offers a large range of quick couplers manufactured by ASE or Verachtert. Hydraulic or Mechanical version. 

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