Mechanical Stump Crusher

Destroy your stumps in a flash 

  • Gros plan sur le break souche mécanique
  • Break souche mécanique en action

THE MECHANICAL STUMP CRUSHER removes stumps from roads, parkings, parks and forests.

Versatile : A single tool to cut the lateral roots, to pull up, chop and handle the stumps. 

Easy to adapt : Installation directly onto the original bracket of the machine.

Précision : Remove Stumps without damages.

Productivity Gain : You no longer need to transport the stumps. 

Design features :
Adaptable on excavators from 11 to 36 tons.
Equipment manufatured from E36 and Hardox 400 steels.
Operates with the original bucket cylinder.
Mounts in place of the original bucket (Fixing using a bracket under the dipper).

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