Self-operated Stump crusher

Big gain of time with rotative stump crusher 

Break souche autonome rotatif

From the non stop perfomance of the mechanical stump crusher, this model completely independant is approved by our customers. Lighter and more efficient, this machine can destroy the roots of the trees in a few minutes. Such a success lead us toward a complete range from 6 to 10 Tons, from 13 to 17 Tons, from 18 to 24 Tons. 

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Stump crusher video

​The destructive power of the stump crusher is represented into video. It fits on forestry and construction equipments from 6 to 24 Tons. There is no need to move anymore with the rotative stumpcrusher.

Independant rotative Stumpcrusher from 18 to 24 tons

  • Break souche autonome monté sur une pelle liebherr
  • Break souche autonome en train de broyer le bois
  • Broyeur de souche monté sur une pelle
  • Break souche autonome en action
  • Gros plan sur le break souche autonome

Get rid of the stump completely, in a short time!​

Versatility : Stump crushing attachment for log splitting to remove and destroy stumps. The stump is removed and shaken for reducing her weight, then stumps and trees are crushing to facilitate transport.
The stump crusher can too demolish wooden building. 
Uprooting, splitting of stumps is the beginning of wood energy transformation.

Easy to adapt : Installation directly onto the original bracket of the machine.

Précision : Remove Stumps without damages.

Productivity Gain : You no longer need to transport the stumps. 

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